‘lit’, a light made from old window panes

‘lets’ is a collective movement from india that’s aim is to salvage items, that have been thrown away and give them a new life. ‘lets’ hopes people will see that products can have many lives and still be valuable. nupur goenka initiated the program and believes that some of the best items are found on the streets, of india. items that have been transformed are wooden chairs, window panes, plastic bags and cartons.

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'lets' a movement from india

what ‘lit’ looked like when it was first collected

'lets' a movement from india the process requires the product to be thoroughly cleaned

'lets' a movement from india
the transformation of ‘sit’, all work is done by hand

'lets' a movement from india ‘sit’ completed

'lets' a movement from india ‘makta’ a light that has been made from an old container

'lets' a movement from india ‘makta’, in use on the streets of india