barbie dreamhouse in berlinphoto by fabrizio bensch / reuters






a 2,500 square meter barbie dreamhouse experience has opened up in berlin, near the city’s famous landmark alexanderplatz. fashioned off the much-loved doll’s malibu house, this real-life version has visitors in the pink. one is ‘transported’ from room to room via an elevator. from the grandiose foyer to the kitchen, the lounge room with a balcony, the bedroom, the bathroom and all the way to the seemingly endless walk-in wardrobe, this dreamhouse offers a completely new insightinto the living interior and lifestyle of the famous doll.


the barbie’s dreamhouse experience website says that more than 350 barbie dolls and other memorabilia are spread throughout the dwelling. RFID technology is what allows one to have a personal experience at the dreamhouse. worn in the form of a bracelet, the data of each individual is registered into the tag (name, gender, language preference), and are connected to the various interactive stations, so that one can interact with the space through LED touchscreens throughout.


however, since its opening on may 16, 2013, the attraction has been receiving much criticism from feminists who are saying that it is a display of sexism,and its existence is perpetuating bad stereotypes about women. though this is not the first time barbie has generated controversyamongst gender rights activists, the idea of having made her fantasy world a reality is sending out the wrong messages to young girls. many of the interactive activities available for people to engage in, such as trying on the various outfits of the style icon via a digital mirror in her walk-in closet, or concocting a virtual cupcake in the kitchen are delivering the wrong messages about body image and physical ideals, and offer a veryone-sided view of what the female’s role within our society should be.






criticism mounts on life sized barbie dreamhouse built in berlin protestors have posted signs on the security fences surrounding the berlin installation of barbie’s dreamhouseimage courtesy of ‘occupy barbie dreamhouse’



criticism mounts on life sized barbie dreamhouse built in berlin

large billboards promoting the barbie dreamhouse experience have been vandalized by passersbyimage via courtesy of the DPA