LIKEarchitects inflates playLAND pavilions in portugal with beach tubes
all images courtesy of LIKEarchitects




playLAND’ is a set of three bouncy and vibrantly colored spatial interventions set within the public landscape of paredes de coura, portugal using inflatable inner tubes as construction module. created for o mundo ao contrário — a week-long creative event that transformed a quiet town into an artistic playground — the immersive installation by LIKEarchitects has been formalized into three different states: a stage, where performances can be seen; a silo-shaped tower, which can be entered and experienced, and a small, tunnel pavilion, for children to cross and run through.

playLAND by LIKEarchitects
each beach floats serves as a modular construction element




removed from the usual water-based context, each beach float serves as a modular construction element, allowing for the creation of a light and bright built world made from functional objects, otherwise symbolic of summertime fun. the tubes’ inflatability renders them bulky, yet lightweight and easy to handle, facilitating their capabilities as a medium in the creation of large scale, ephemeral structures. organized by vertical and horizontal beach rings, the series of blow-up installations seek to create enjoyable areas of rest and play, for both activity and retreat from the cityscape.

playLAND by LIKEarchitects
green, orange and pink beach floats stack into an architectural arrangement

the series of blow-up installations seek to create enjoyable areas of rest and play

playLAND by LIKEarchitects
a small, tunnel pavilion allows children to cross and run through

a silo-shaped tower can be entered and experienced

the light and bright built world is made from functional objects




project info:

architects: LIKEarchitects
design team: diogo aguiar, joão jesus, teresa otto and joão salgueiro, daniel mudrak
location: paredes de coura, portugal
date: july 2014
client: o mundo ao contrário | paredes de coura city hall
main materials: beach floats
photography: dinis sottomayor photography