mosses and succulents, blackberries, blue pimpernels, common chickweeds, geraniums, high mallows, ivy, ribwort plantains, scutch grasses and wild sages are just a few of the spontaneous species that linda tegg and garden-designer matteo foschi sourced from fields in and around the city of milan. adjacent field, the living installation at milan design week 2019 is an ephemeral stem — a stem of what linda tegg conceived with lucie and luke meier for spaces inside jil sander’s headquarters. 

milan design field
all images courtesy of jil sander



linda tegg’s installation introduces the first in a new series of jil sander+ collections — durable products, for women and men living outside the city, in the mountains, by the sea and out in the countryside. adjacent field was arranged within a lighting installation specifically designed by nic burnham of NDYLight.

milan design field



when the exhibition is said and done, some of the plants will return to where they were harvested. others will be reformed into a permanent piece to be nurtured as a living entity within jil sanders studios. ‘the plants will stay with us. environmental issues seem, and need to be, more and more well rooted, rather than a trend,’ says lucie and luke meier. ‘we need to be ready to behave in different ways, even uncomfortable and inconvenient, to make a change. we need to find a way to coexist well with nature. the permanent installation of spontaneous plants will be a constant reminder, a catalyst for our awareness.’

milan design field milan design field linda tegg plants a field of wild grasses inside jil sander's HQ for milan design week linda tegg plants a field of wild grasses inside jil sander's HQ for milan design week


project info:


when: april 9 – april 14, 10 am – 8pm
where: jil sander headquarters – via luca beltrami, 5 – milano / jil sander flagship store – via pietro verri, 6 – milano
artist: linda tegg

collaborators: nic burnham, matteo foschi
studio: jil sander