‘liquidglide’ non-stick bottle by david smith and MIT



david smith and a team of engineers at MIT may have solved the final puzzle piece to the perfect barbeque. ‘liquiglide‘ is a design for a bottle that is coated in an FDA-approved substance, so that ketchup (and other condiments for that matter) just slides right out when you tilt the bottle – no smacking required. the team would like to introduce  the ‘super slippery’  substance to numerous other bottles, as it works with many types of packaging such as glass, plastic and can also be applied in any number of ways, including spraying the coating onto the inside of vessel.


the project is  a contender in the design museum‘s ‘product’ category for the sixth annual designs of the year alongside: bang & olufsen ‘beolit 12’ – cecile manz; colalife – simon berry; faceture vases  – phil cuttance; light field camera – lytro; little printer – berg; oigen kitchenware – jasper morrison and japan creative; olympic cauldron – heatherwick studio; plug lamp – form us with love; surface tension lamp – front; switch collection – inga sempe and legend; tekio – anthony dickens; child vision glasses – josh silver; color porcelain – scholten and baijings; e-source – hal watts; kiosk 2.0 – unfold studio; papa foxtrot toys – postlerferguson; pier hardy travel sprays – frederic malle; replicator 2 – makerbot; and the w127 lamp – dirk winkle.



liquiglide non stick ketchup bottle by MIT the liquiglide bottle in action



a video showing the liquid run out of the bottle



a video showing the same effect with mustard


the design museum announces the contenders for the sixth annual designs of the year 2013.they include the best designs from around the world in the last 12 months across seven categories: architecture, digital, fashion,furniture, graphics, product and transport. the exhibition featuring all the nominations will open 20th march, 2013 with the winners from each category and one overall winner to be announced in april.