000design created an apartment in chongqing, china with the aim to change the stereotype of a residential space that should be only cozy, warm and relaxing. the designers injected vivid colors and covered the space with patterns to show an impression of passion, fashion, and full of visual impact.

live with fun 1
all images courtesy of 000design



000design created a completely open space by eliminating the boundaries of the sharing rooms, where they combined colors and materials to mark different function blocks. the entrance of the main bedroom is hidden and concealed behind paintings on the wall. another bedroom is placed at the end of a corridor. as a result, the residents could enjoy their daily activities without spatial limitations. when they need their space, the hidden bedrooms could provide enough privacy.

live with fun 2
multi-patterned bedroom




instead of forms and shapes, colors and materials play a major role in this space. the materials and colors are highlighted to identify different function blocks. matching with the white background color in the apartment, the blocks made by rich materials and vivid colors provide a diverse visual experience. this also rearranged the ordinary activities with passion and creativity for the habitant.


live with fun 3
multi-patterened bedroom





a huge amount of mirrored panels is placed in this project to break out the walls and ceilings of the existing structure and extend the room space through the reflection. at the same time, the mirrors also create extraordinary perspectives to spaces with an unexpected visual experience.

live with fun 4
white tiled bathroom with a view


live with fun 5


live with fun 6
painting behind which bedroom door is concealed

live with fun 7
black and white mosaic patterns

live with fun 8
multi-colored terrazzo backsplash

live with fun 11
multi-colored bedroom patterns

live with fun 12
bathroom area




multi-colored mosaic pattern
multi-colored mosaic pattern
striking red bookshelf
striking red bookshelf

project info:


name: live with fun
designer: 000Design


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