‘lock on’ by hanjong kim + hayan choi + byunghoon chung + duckhwan kim

‘lock on’ by hanjong kim, jayan choi, byunghoon chung and duckhwan kim from korea is one of the shortlisted design entries from more than 3000 participants in our recent designboom competition, ‘seoul cycle design 2010’, organized in collaboration with seoul design foundation.

designers’ own words: ‘lock on’ is a new type of bicycle helmet that can be ”locked-on” to the bicycle. eco-friendliness and well-being are two keywords that effectively reflect the new global trend. major urban cities recognize bicycles as the new way to travel which noe only cares about the environment, but also the health of the bicycle users. seoul, one of the biggest metropolises that aims to build a people-oriented city, is greatly increasing bicycle infrastructure coverage, which includes roads, racks, and rental system. renting and riding a bicycle is easier; the issue regarding safety and secuirty, however, has not been solved. in may of 2010, we conducted a survey on 200 bicycle riders. surprisingly, while 71.5% of riders recognized helmets as an indispensable safety equipment, only 22.4% answered to actually using it. the main reason why bike-riders do not wear a helmet is because of its inconvenience in carrying (67%).

in this sense we propose a new type of helmet, which allows convenience in carrying by locking it onto the bicycle as a lock. this way, the rider can be free from the difficulty of carrying the helmet, while increasing the security of the bicycle. by eliminating the inconvenience, helmet usage and the safety of the riders will increase. by renting a ‘lock-on’ helmet when renting a bike, seoul metropolitan government, who holds ‘caring for citizens’ with sustainable design as their vision, can not only increase the safety of bicycle riders, but also protect the environment with a sustainable system.

'lock on' by hanjong kim + hayan choi + byunghoon chung + duckhwan kim

'lock on' by hanjong kim + hayan choi + byunghoon chung + duckhwan kim

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