‘please be seated,’ the rippling render featured here, is to be designed for the largest pedestrianized neighborhood in london — broadgate — this september for the london design festival 2019 (LDF). designer paul cocksedge is collaborating with essex-based flooring company, white&white, to bring the design to life via reimagined scaffolding planks. the large-scale installation features high and low curves for sitting on and walking beneath and a name that encourages interaction.

london design
all images © paul cocksedge



the more people interact with ‘please be seated,’ the less it will seem to be a large-scale sculpture and the more it will feel to be a free flowing heartbeat of the city, giving shade and rest and a breath to pedestrians at LDF. paul cocksedge and his collaborators at white&white will not only reshape the scaffolding planks to create this sound structure, they will create a crescendo of shades, with a bright wood tint at the center and a slow transition to a neutral shade at the exterior.

london design



‘please be seated’ has been commissioned by broadgate, british land’s campus in the city of london. in addition to cocksedge’s design, paddington central — also british land’s asset — will once again be one of the festival’s design routes and will include an installation by designer adam nathaniel furman. furman will seek to enliven the grand union canal with his signature, vibrant colors. 

'please be seated' responds to the rhythm of the community at london design festival