london design festival: the patented plumen ‘003’ lightbulb is designed to provide two functions at once: a downwards spotlight and a golden ambient glow. taking five years in the making, the ‘003’ lighting design brilliantly illuminates the room whilst the gold element makes you and your surroundings even more beautiful. its LEDs ensure that tasks underneath, whether that is working, reading, writing or eating, are lit up perfectly. simultaneously, the gilded shade emits a soft light that is flattering to people’s faces.

the downward spotlight and ambient glow fit perfectly in dining rooms




‘sustainable design often lacks sex appeal – LED bulbs being no exception. we decided that to attract customers to this new technology we needed to create an efficient light bulb that was also inspiring and beautiful in its own right’  said nicolas roope, co-founder and creative director.


‘since our original idea, LED technology has come on in leaps and bounds. previous gripes over light quality, color temperature, reliability and brightness have all faded. in response to this, we set ourselves an even more ambitious goal for the 003: to design not just the most beautiful energy-efficient bulb, but rather the most beautiful light bulb ever, period.he added.

the artwork-like lightbulb makes people and their surroundings more beautiful




nicolas also said, ‘to persuade all those who still haven’t moved to low energy lighting, we knew we needed something really special to tempt them in. something beautiful, beguiling, compelling. we needed some seductive sustainability. so for the past five years we’ve been designing and developing the plumen 003. here it is.’





presented during the 2016 london design festival and scheduled to be on sale in harrods from october 1st, the plumen ‘003’ is a work of art – much like its predecessors ‘001’ and ‘002’. the special and patented golden element of the lightbulb has a faceted surface pattern, designed by a jeweler. this is how a warm, luxurious and textured light is emitted, reflecting the feeling that it was intricately cut from a gem or precious metal.

a close-up of the golden element


the textured light feels like it has come from an intricately cut gem or precious metal


the ‘003’ light took five years to create




a close-up look at an enlarged golden part


the dual functional light’s design is patented