‘juuyo-koi’ lamp by lorenza bozzoli for moooi





the way in which a geisha’s hair is styled is an indication of her status and age–a signature of her appearance. admiring the glamour and beauty of the geisha’s strength and grace, lorenza bozzoli has interpreted the wigs which the wear into a lamp, immortalizing the soft shapes, graceful prints and vibrant colors that represent the essence of this sensual cultural heritage from the eastern world. ‘juuyo’ (named after the predecessor to the geisha) is a pendant light which derives its form from the chignons often fashioned atop their heads from their locks. the design is available from moooi in two versions: one which features a graphic of koi fish, while the other is decorated with an illustration of peach blossoms, both graphics depicting typical to japanese iconography–offering a playful, contemporary fixture.




lorenza bozzoli: juuyo geisha lamps for moooi‘juuyo-peach blossom’



lorenza bozzoli: juuyo geisha lamps for moooithe ‘juuyo’ lamp features a chignon, typical of geisha’s hairstyles




 lorenza bozzoli: juuyo geisha lamps for moooithe illustrations of typical japanese iconography are depicted on the inside of the lamps