london design festivalthe ‘loud objects’ collection by studio bilge nur saltik is a series of stylish marble accessories that double up as functional, high quality bluetooth speakersthe project was conceived as a reaction to the sleek, futuristic designs favored by most brands in creating sound systems for our homes. while certainly attractive and undeniably cool, these objects rarely feel at home in our living rooms and are often decorated around rather than incorporated into our domestic spaces.






with ‘loud objects’, bilge nur saltik creates a collection of speakers that are a little more down to earth. with a tastefully simple color scheme of muted orange and light grey, bilge nur satik has created a humble but effective device. the studio’s range of speakers double up as candle holders, serving plates and vases, giving them a purpose beyond just music, and allowing them to blend seamlessly into the home environment. each piece is made from a combination of marble blocks and wooden plates, which resonate together and aid in the projection of sound. the speakers can be paired with any bluetooth device, and come equipped with a rechargeable battery.


the ‘loud objects’ collection will be launched at the electro craft exhibition at london design festival 2016.

london design festival
the ‘loud objects’ collection are beautiful items in their own right, and serve a variety of functions

london design festival
the collection rejects plastic and steel in favor of wood and marble

london design festival
speakers can be connected through any bluetooth device

the muted colors and wooden inserts combine to create a humble design

london design festival
the collection is designed to blend seamlessly into your living room, bedroom, or workspace

london design festival
each object is equipped with a rechargeable battery



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