louis vuitton delivery bags fashionably spotlight app riders' working conditions

louis vuitton delivery bags fashionably spotlight app riders' working conditions

Cleiton designs Louis Vuitton delivery bags


Art movement and company Cleiton, who also created chocolate vape sticks, engraves Louis Vuitton’s signature design on app workers’ delivery bags to voice out its support for the riders’ working conditions. Appearance-wise, Cleiton captures the details that have made Louis Vuitton handbags a fashion phenomenon, even naming their own ‘Louis Cleiton.’


The delivery bags display the Damier canvas of the Maison in its lush brown color, easily spotlighting the criss-cross style of LV and the handbags’ symbols. Aside from being boxy, the Louis Vuitton delivery bags mimic the staple app and food riders might need when they consign products.

cleiton louis vuitton delivery bags
images courtesy of Cleiton



Cleiton opts for a waterproof material for the delivery bags to guarantee that soaking takeaway cartons are prevented and that items inside the bags are protected from the rain when app riders weather through the wet and cold seasons.


The shoulder straps are cushioned, so app and food deliver riders need not worry about bearing the weight of the products stashed inside their fashionable bags. Cleiton equips its delivery bags with 45-liter styrofoam that can store the warmth and cold of the items the riders need to ship.

cleiton louis vuitton delivery bags
the material used for the bags is waterproof



Delivery bags that most carry on their backs


The gritty fabric that clothes the styrofoam inside the delivery bags by Cleiton almost resembles the grainy feeling of the original Louis Vuitton handbags. Meeting on top of the bag, straps and handles with the visible sewn thread from the authentic ones appear.


These tiny but essential details give off the sense that Louis Vuitton has produced these delivery bags especially for the riders and delivery workers. Cleiton also embroiders side pockets that can be flattened when not in use for additional storage.

cleiton louis vuitton delivery bags
the delivery bags also have side pockets for extra storage



The Brazil-based collective claims that in their country, the annual salary of an app and food delivery rider can equate to the price of a sought-after Louis Vuitton handbag. On January 26th, 2023, the LVMH Group released its highlights report for the year 2022 where the Maison summarized that it ‘recorded revenue of 79.2 billion euros in 2022 and profit from recurring operations of 21.1 billion euros, both up 23%.’


‘In the same period, a lot of people lost their jobs due to the economic recession, and many were forced to take informal ones, like food delivery. In Brazil, there is a big fight for labor rights for app delivery workers, which keep gaining traction,’ says Cleiton.

cleiton louis vuitton delivery bags
shoulder straps are cushioned, so riders need not to worry about bearing heavy weight



To offer the stark contrast of workers who strive hard to bring home food on their table versus those who eat with a golden spoon, the art team turns to a staple they feel can underline the opposites playing in the delivery workers’ current climate.


Cleiton artfully replies to the record-breaking achievement of the Maison by creating its very own bag ‘that strikes the fact that the price a few people carry in their hands is carried by many on their backs.’

cleiton louis vuitton delivery bags
Cleiton equips its delivery bags with 45-liter styrofoam


Louis Cleiton


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company: Cleiton

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