louis vuitton has made an addition to its hard-sided luggage series, this time with a multi-tiered trunk perfect for keeping sneakerheads kicks fresh. the sneaker trunk, which is set to be unveiled at art basel’s design miami in december, is made to order and completely customizable with monograms or even an entire painted logo of preference.


as haute living reports, the trunk houses drawers to store up to six pairs of low-tops and eight pairs of high-tops. each shoe drawer is meant to accommodate up to size 13 in low-tops and 12 in high-tops.

louis vuitton designs monogram sneaker trunk perfect for the ultra-organized

images courtesy of louis vuitton
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the special order sneaker trunk is the latest addition to the brand’s iconic hard-sided collection, which has reached iconic status since it was introduced in the early twentieth century. the style has been adapted to carry esteemed items like the world cup trophy and the league of legends world championship.

louis vuitton designs monogram sneaker trunk perfect for the ultra-organized



simultaneously, the house will have the worldwide release of its 408 global trainers from virgil abloh, which will launch in only nine cities across the globe. new york and chicago will be the sole US exclusives.


each city edition will have a signature colored luggage tag; chicago’s being bright orange and new york’s in dark blue. the new york editions will release on monday november 25th and the chicago edition will release on december 4th. inquiries can be made to louis vuitton directly with regards to the sneaker trunk.


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