louis vuitton reveals its latest smartwatch design


about five years after entering the smartwatch world for the first time, louis vuitton adds another design to its collection dubbed ‘tambour horizon light up’. the new luxurious digital timepiece is the new and improved successor to the tambour horizon which launched in 2019, offering endless customization and personalization potential. louis vuitton unveils fully-customizable tambour horizon light up smartwatch

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vibrant, glow-in-the-dark visuals on your wrist


building on the silhouette of the original tambour watch, louis vuitton has launched a timeless yet fully modernized design. the stainless steel smartwatch features a 1.2-inch circular display made of sapphire glass, which lights up thanks to 24 LED lights built beneath the monogram dial ring. whenever the watch is activated or a notification arrives, bright colors create mesmerizing glow-in-the-dark visuals on the user’s wrist.


in terms of customization, users can select from a range of different watch faces to change the always-on display and fit a certain mood, look, or occasion. what’s more, they can even add their own initials in the color and font of their preference.

louis vuitton unveils fully-customizable tambour horizon light up smartwatch



custom-designed new operating system


the device is equipped with a custom-designed operating system that responds efficiently to a specific swiping system. swiping right opens the ‘my day’ tab, which reveals your agenda, step count, and heart rate, while this section can also provide information about air quality and weather conditions. swiping down displays notifications, and swiping up unveils the device’s control panel. swiping left opens ‘my travel,’ where you can access travel plans and boarding passes, as well as 30 of louis vuitton’s expertly curated city guides.


tambour horizon light up’s operating system has become the first OS outside apple’s own ecosystem to be accredited as ‘made for iphone’. the tambour horizon light up is also compatible with android and harmonyOS smartphones.

louis vuitton unveils fully-customizable tambour horizon light up smartwatch




project info: 


name: tambour horizon light up 
brand: louis vuitton