estudio guto requena turn love stories into 3D-printed household items
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estudio guto requena — in collaboration with são paulo-based studio D3 — has formed the ‘love project’, a union of design, science and technology that captures emotions people feel when relaying personal stories, and transforms these feelings into tangible, everyday objects. the series of 3D-printed items hints at a potential future in which products can bear individual and deeply private histories, inherently combining meaningful work with sustainable design.

top of vase




to form the collection of items, a series of sensors have been applied to participants during their narration of a defining love story in their own lives; one that reads brain activity, another rerecording the voice and a heart rate monitor. as participants speak — isolated so that they can more intimately expose their feelings — data drawn from their changing emotions is relayed to specially-developed software. through a graphic interface created in grasshopper, this information molds every aspect of a design object which is then fabricated using a 3D printer.


D3 has created an interface able to interpret the collected data, transform the various inputs into a single language and enable real-time visualization of the participant’s emotional states. the stats are sent to a program that models three-dimensional objects, employing a system of unique ‘particles’: the voice sensor is responsible for particle velocity, while heart rate controls thickness and brain waves cause the particles to repel or attract each other.

vase details



the first version of this experiment modeled three different objects: a vase, a lamp and a fruit bowl. the final products are visualized on the computer and finally sent to a 3D printer that can formulate the objects in different materials, such as abs, polyamide, glass, ceramics or metal. each product is unique and contains the most intimate emotions of the participants’ love stories.


the team is currently in the process of developing an application to democratize this experiment so that anyone, anywhere, can tell their own love story and visualize it in real time, through their cell phone.

3D printed bowl




on the occasion of the inaugural dubai design week, ‘the love project’ is presented in the dubai design district (D3) from october 26 – 31, 2015.

estudio guto requena emotions 3D printed love project
bowl from the top

estudio guto requena emotions 3D printed love project
finished fruitbowl

fruitbowl — one of the first experiments in turning feelings int0 products

estudio guto requena emotions 3D printed love project
the 3D printed lamp has been formed by an interface which collects emotional data from sensors

estudio guto requena emotions 3D printed love project
infographic describes the procedure and final result

estudio guto requena turns love stories into 3D-printed household items

diagramming the thickness of branches included in the vase

interface processing

estudio guto requena turns love stories into 3D-printed household items
participants wear the sensors

estudio guto requena turns love stories into 3D-printed household items
the printing process



project credits:


project by: guto requena
estudio guto requena development team: mariana schetini and vitor reis
D3 development team: edson pavoni , creative director
with diego spinola, luka brajovic, luiz gustavo zanotello
support: 3D printing partner for the final 3 pieces: anacom
real time 3D printing installation partner: akad
costume design: joão pimenta



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