designers stephan verkaik and beth horneman from pet furniture brand catham city introduce ‘the loveseat’, a newly created chair that brings cats and owners closer together. the design merges two different worlds into one, giving owners the opportunity to comfortably relax, while the cat is actively playing right beside them. since cats feel their human companion close and involved, they are encouraged to use the wheel more often.

spend more time with your cats on a loveseat 1
an armchair and cat running wheel in one furniture piece
all images courtesy of catham city



‘the big issue with pet products is that, although they are nicely designed, they never have a clear placement in our homes’ share designers stephan verkaik and beth horneman from catham city. launching on kickstarter on april 20, 2021, the ‘loveseat’ seeks to tackle this issue head-on, by creating synergy between cats and humans through its function. this is an uncommon approach in the pet design world, where usually products accommodate animal needs almost exclusively, or add a passive human benefit such as aesthetics. ‘we focused more on the interaction between us and our cats, and how we could improve it in a natural way for both’ mention the creators.

spend more time with your cats on a loveseat 2
design and materials to last a sustainable nine lives



the team at catham city set out to design the ‘loveseat’ in the most sustainable way possible, with the goal to last nine lives. therefore, the creators used responsibly sourced beech, a durable kind of wood that gives the chair that kind of longevity. for the pillow the design incorporates recycled pu, a material that doesn’t allow cats to dig their nails into it. actually, the recycled pu showcases an even better scratch resistance compared to normal pu. the loveseat is shipped as a rather small self-assembly bundle, without having to be separated into different packages, thus minimizing transportation and impacting the carbon footprint in a positive way.




spend more time with your cats on a loveseat 3

the standard wheel is suitable for cats up to 15lbs


spend more time with your cats on a loveseat 4
the chair arrives as a self-assembly pack, giving users the freedom to pick the side that the wheel will be installed on


spend more time with your cats on a loveseat 5
natural materials and muted colors are selected to enhance the sense of tranquility


spend more time with your cats on a loveseat 6
the loveseat ships in the same dimensions as a standard cat wheel



project info:


name: the loveseat
designer: stephan verkaik & beth horneman –

learn more about the ‘loveseat’ on kickstarter, here



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