‘love seat 1’, 2004 (wood, wax string)

loren schwerd is a sculptor based in baton rouge, louisiana. her work explores free-standing sculpture, installation art and wearable art. her series ‘love seat’ began when she stumbled upon a collection of old chairs in a dumpster. she explored themes of relationships with these chairs by altering them with leather, hide, hair and sinew. each piece features two or more chairs connected together using the different materials. these suggestive alterations lend the chairs their own personality and experience.


'loveseats' by loren schwerd

‘love seat 2’, 2004 (wood, wax string)

'loveseats' by loren schwerd ‘love seat 4’, 2004 (wood, wax string, rawhide)

'loveseats' by loren schwerd ‘love seat 5’, 2005 (wood)

'loveseats' by loren schwerd ‘love seat 6’, 2005 (wood, hair extensions)

'loveseats' by loren schwerd ‘love seat 3’, 2004 (wood, leather)