‘raphia’ by lucidipevere for casamania




the metal industry and the traditional techniques used in manufacturing cane products are brought together in ‘raphia’. the chair expresses a contemporary aesthetic through its metal frame (available in white, black, bordeaux or azure),while also reminding us of the time-honored process of furniture caning which has been applied to form the design’s seat and backrest.lucidipevere‘s intentions with developing this chair for casamania was an attempt to conserve the know-how of working with the natural material–where manual skills and craftsmanship are combined to insure that objects are unique, particularly in a time where many thingsare mass produced.



lucidipevere: raphia seat for casamaniathe design combines the work of the metal industry with the traditional craft of furniture caning




lucidipevere: raphia seat for casamaniathe chair is composed of a metal frame, completed by a caned seat and backrest




lucidipevere: raphia seat for casamaniaback view




lucidipevere: raphia seat for casamaniacolor variations of ‘raphia’