‘self’ table lamp by luis eslava



‘self’ is a table lamp designed by spanish designer luis eslava for almerich which was on show as part of the trickery exhibit curated by johanna grawunder at imm cologne 2010. the light is manufactured with a single brass tube which has been folded in some areas and moulded in others. this single element is enough to complete the lamp’s design: the same tube makes the shade, the base and the cover of the lamp-holder. this continuity that gives structure to the luminary contrasts with the two ends, which need to be near, but not touching, to fulfill their lighting function. with its zigzagging base and its cap-like shade, this lamp reminds one of a trumpet which seems to have gotten tangled up in itself. it is available in white, red, black, blue and beige.



luis eslava: self table lamp a view of the continuous piece of brass which makes up the light’s structure



luis eslava: self table lamp

luis eslava: self table lamp ‘self’ table lamp on show at imm cologne 2010 image © designboom



luis eslava: self table lamp image © designboom