‘pre-fab chapel’ by luis pons




venezuelan-born and miami-based architect luis pons has designed the ‘pre-fab chapel’, featured in inventory 02’s exhibition soul does matter exhibition for design miami and art basel: miami beach 2011. the inventory exhibition is a collection of works by eleven artists exploring the interplay between the intangible personality of design object in connection with the raw material from which the work is constructed. the cocoon-like structure is complemented by integrated light, sound and aromatherapy in order to divide the individual from the outside world.

luis pons: pre fab chapel at design miami / basel 2011the acrylic platform and chair mark the center of the structure



sessions in the ‘pre-fab chapel’, facilitated by a pre-organized program, consist of channeling conversations with an energy expert via internet conferencing and meditation. fashioned from cast silver aluminum and 69 elliptical panels of white, translucent fabric, the chapel may seat one to four individuals. an acrylic oval platform of light cast cotton and a sofa bench are centrally located within the 18ft x 12ft x 9ft structure. integrated speakers and an LED lighting system as well as audio and video are controlled by an apple mac processing system. 

luis pons: pre fab chapel at design miami / basel 2011the translucent panels make hazy the chapel visitor’s view of the outside world



the chapel is a space existing for individuals to reconnect to their internal energy source, centering themselves within the confines of the structure before exiting: ‘in the chapel we leave the distractions and chatter of the everyday world behind. here we are able to embrace and enhance our ability to reconnect to the energy source that is within ourselves and always available in the universe. the chapel‚ an organic shape is a symbol of life itself. like a cocoon, it is a source of, and protective space for, birth, rebirth, renewal, and growth’. -luis pons

luis pons: pre fab chapel at design miami / basel 2011 the flowing chapel space is framed within an aluminum support system