maarten baas + koichi futatsumata interpret distinctive cutlery for valerie_objects
all images © frederik vercruysse




the antwerp-based design label valerie_objects have collaborated with international designers to create ‘the cutlery project’. working with the likes of dutch designer maarten baas, koichi futatsumata and studio wieki somers, the collaboration between each of creations manifested in them developing a prototype set of tools for eating. the designers have been given freedom to reinterpret the spoons, forks and knives which has resulted in unique high-end sets of cutlery.

the japanese product designer’s set includes chopsticks




for product designer koichi futatsumata‘s interpretation, the brass and resin spoon, knife, fork and chopsticks were shaped from a combination of a flat surfaces and octagonal section. drawing influence from a technical pencil, unlike normal cutlery which usually embody a flat surface. futatsumata’s design are flat only at both ends, while the mid-part of the body is octagonal in shape. this particular form impacts the comfort and function for the user and gives it a sculptural aesthetic.

a playful and sketchy element is identifiable in baas’ pieces




dutch designer maarten baas has produced a cutlery set distinguished with his recognized playful and sketchy forms. available in silver and a brass color, the most distinctive element of the eating tools is the irregular serrated edge on the knife. the most difficult procedure during their production, bass comments ‘in a quick sketch, beauty is often found, but those spontaneous lines are often lost in an industrial process.’

the serrated edge of the knife portrays the sketchy aesthetic of the set




‘when I approached the designers to create a set of cutlery for valerie_objects, I knew that they would each use their expertise, background and knowledge to come up with a completely divergent range of results… and they all succeeded in delivering a surprise’ explains veerle wenes, curator.

cutlery by studio wieki somers 
experiments with various metal sheets that are folded, while the handle is filled with molten metal

prototype of muller van severen’s set

the wooden cutlery set by studio simple
cut by hand from wood, they examined accessible techniques for everyday objects and the engraving in the wood
remains the reference.

close-up of maarten baas’ cutlery pieces at maison et objet
image © designboom