david ericsson creates beech madonna chair for gärsnäs
all images © lennart durehed 




there’s something to say about beech, a material that’s simple, light, durable and functional all at the same time. ‘madonna chair’ is the result of seeing these qualities and taking advantage, pairing the wood with organic tärnsjö leather for an elegant, fundamental dining seat. the design, by swedish david ericsson, consists of ribs in the back, legs, and sides to create a sturdy construction, with leather–or plywood– wrapped or friction fit to the beech structure. all parts are of equal and utmost importance, not a single piece present unless necessary. the chair is produced by gärsnäs in stockholm, sweden.

front view with plywood seat and back

3/4 view

david ericsson creates beech madonna chair for gärsnäs
‘madonna chair’ with armrests

various connections make the chair sturdy

swedish brand, gärsnäs, produces the seat
back, detail of leather connections 
‘madonna’ in tan leather
chair in black leather
‘madonna chair’
the seat was created by david ericsson

madonna chair david ericsson designboom
detail of armrest & plywood seat



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