sharing watch, 2009

a normal watch is worn so that it is convenient for the wearer to tell time – with numbers readable when the arm is folded toward the trunk of the body. however, through a slight change of turning the display board 90 degrees, the intrinsic meaning of the watch changes – for example when you are showing someone what time it is. sharing watch by korean design studio maezm displays the time in such a way that it is read in the same way to you as it can be read by others. the simple act of turning the numeric face 90 degrees reconsiders the ritual behavior of sharing time on a different level.

maezm: sharing watch the watch makes it easy to share time with others just by turning the face 90 degrees

maezm: sharing watch

maezm: sharing watch detail 39mm x 240mm x 9mm

maezm: sharing watch concept image – turning display board 90 degrees

maezm: sharing watchchair from re-love collection, 2009 image © designboom

as part of their exhibition at london designersblock 09, maezm showcased their re-love collection in which they have taken old furniture which they have used and hold memories for them, proposing new methods in which to enjoy these pieces again. . maezm: sharing watch an old chair is updated with a knit-foam covering, ready for enjoyment once again image © designboom

maezm: sharing watch re-love lighting, 2009 image © designboom

maezm: sharing watch detail image © designboom

maezm will be participating in the designboom mart tokyo 2009.