sofa resembles magic carpet to lull people into sleep




shortlisted for the LEXUS design award, co-hosted by designboom in collaboration with the japan design association NPO. the ‘magic carpet’ is a japanese submission that embodies the competition’s theme of ‘curiosity’. resembling a flying rug, the sofa’s wave-like form was designed to help lull a person into sleep. the project was based on engaging the human spirit with an object that would intrigue one to look further and discover more, combining both emotions with intellectual will. the process for developing ‘the magic carpet’ involved experimenting with different shapes and sizes using paper models to combine both comfort and an ever-lasting sense of ‘curiosity’ to anyone who takes a seat.


‘my aim was to create an embodiment of ‘curiosity,’ allowing one to explore different seating positions, tingling the investigative spirit.’ says the magic carpet designer.


the sofa resembles a flying carpet


overview of the magic carpet


close up of the wave-like form


different patterns and sizes


the carpets in an all white finish