maison&objet americas names rafael de cárdenas as designer of the year 2016
photo by andrew boyle




maison&objet americas is readying for its second edition in may 2016, an event that will bring an international class of creatives, visitors, and professionals to miami, with a highlight on a north and south american presence. the first americas edition garnered 300 brands and received more than 8,600 unique visitors from 82 countries. the upcoming 2016 fair — running from may 10 – 13th — will double in size, and see the entire city of miami transform into the capital of design in the americas.


each year, the maison&objet brand acknowledges the most outstanding names in the design and decor industries, showcasing each one of these creatives during the global fair’s annual editions. maison&objet americas has named new york based architect and designer rafael de cárdenas as designer of the year 2016

de cárdenas’ scheme for the new asia de cuba restaurant in new york blends 90’s postmodernism and cuban art deco
image by floto+warner




de cárdenas is the founder of architecture at large — a multi-disciplinary practice with offices in new york and london. prior to founding the firm in 2006, de cárdenas worked for calvin klein as a men’s collection designer and creative director for special effects production house imaginary forces. today, his work spans a wide-scope of projects in architecture, residential and commercial interiors, temporary spaces, furniture, and objects and accessories. ‘we favor the strategic over the thematic, the cosmopolitan over the typological, and the atmospheric over the static,’ de cárdenas describes. ‘ever-focused on the contemporary, we take diligent note of the past while day-dreaming the future.’

de cárdenas collaborated with delfina delettrez to create a location that romantically explores materials and shapes
photo by mark cocksedge
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de cárdenas’ pop-culture influences, imaginative and integrated use of color and patterns, and ability to create interior and architectural environments that provoke emotion, is evident in a variety of his signature works, beginning with his debut line of furniture for johnson trading gallery in 2011. since then, de cárdenas has gone on to design the reincarnated asia de cuba restaurant in new york with 90’s postmodernism and cuban art deco influences; jewelry designer delfina delettrez’s second london boutique that romantically explores materials and shapes; the baccarat madison avenue flagship with attention to the fragile yet rigid details of finely cut crystal; and NIKE’s 45 grand fitness studio and showroom in soho.

de cárdenas designed NIKE’s exclusive fitness studio, event space and NIKE+ services hub
photo by david allee
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the design for baccarat’s madison avenue flagship references the fragile yet rigid details of finely cut crystal
image by floto+warner

the cartier shape your time exhibit was developed as an immersive environment for hosting events and dinners

the OHWOW book club uses black and white bathroom tiles to create a patterned landscape on the floor
photo by floto+warner

this converted firehouse houses tech start-ups and supports the various teams with flexible working spaces 
photo by floto+warner

in 2011 de cárdenas launched his first furniture collection with johnson trading gallery
photo by connie zhou
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