an iPad dock made from cork


UK based designer shane marshall has created an iPad dock made from sustainably sourced cork that combines functionality with versatility. designed to transform your iPad into a mobile workstation, the MAJEE dock lets you get away from the office and reply to those neverending emails on the go. 


the MAJEE dock is designed to hold an apple magic keyboard and a magic trackpad 2, and an iPad of course. marshall is launching the product on kickstarter today (september 8, 2021).

MAJEE cork iPad dock
images and video courtesy of shane marshall



design driven by sustainability


marshall explains that the MAJEE iPad dock was conceived from the desire to do something about the lack of sustainably-led products in the tech industry. my mission is to introduce sustainable and eco-friendly materials into the tech industry by creating functional, stylish, and innovative products,’  says the designer.


like many other creatives, the coronavirus pandemic also played a role in the project. ‘working from home without the normal freedoms during the lockdown had turned from a luxury to a monotonous chore. this is where the seed of the idea for MAJEE dock planted itself, it was the hunt for simple freedoms like not being tied to a desk that inspired me to create something to help. I dug deep down into my creative and conscious mind to form a product that was not only functional but somehow better for the environment compared to the usual plasticky tech we’ve come to accept in our homes,’  continues marshall. find out more about the MAJEE iPad dock on kickstarter here.


MAJEE cork iPad dock
the MAJEE dock is stylish and eco-conscious

MAJEE cork iPad dock
the cork is soft to touch and hard-wearing

MAJEE cork iPad dock
get away from the office and work on the go

MAJEE cork iPad dock
the MAJEE dock was ideated during the coronavirus lockdown

MAJEE cork iPad dock
the MAJEE dock holds an apple magic keyboard and a magic trackpad 2



project info:


name: MAJEE dock
designer: shane marshall


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