‘blow collection’ by malafor images courtesy of malafor

polish design practice malafor has created ‘blow collection’: this three-piece seating series features inflatables made with dakron fabric, a synthetic and weather-resistant polyester fiber commonly found in yachts’ sails.

this series expands on malafor’s previous project, ‘blow sofa’, which created a similar form but used recycled paper bags.

the collection includes a new ‘blow sofa’, ‘explore armchair’, and ‘explore chair’, whose pillow covers are all manufactured by a professional sailmaker: original strengthening stitches have been applied and coupled with the technologically advanced material, the resulting cushions are durable and safe to use outdoors in changing weather conditions. like its predecessor, the new ‘blow collection’ is also easy to transport when flat and simple to inflate.

malafor: blow collection‘blow sofa extreme’ (left) and ‘explore chair’ (right)

malafor: blow collection‘blow sofa extreme’

malafor: blow collectiontwo versions of ‘explore chair’, without arms (left) and with (right)

malafor: blow collection‘explore armchair’

malafor: blow collection‘explore chair’, front

malafor: blow collection‘explore chair’, side

malafor: blow collection‘explore chair’, rear

malafor: blow collection ‘explore chair’, detail

malafor: blow collection ‘explore chair’, flat packed