as part of his 2016 masters program in product design at the university of ECAL, switzerland, portuguese designer manuel chichorro develops the floatbag — an object aimed at fulfilling the needs of amateur spearfishers. combining the functions of transporting fishing material and acting as a safety buoy, the floatbag is a simple and practical solution that offers a low cost product — therefore appealing to the large community of spearfishermen.

floatbag manuel chichorro designboom
close up of the floatbag’s design



produced out of welded TPU ( thermoplastic polyurethane) and nylon fabric, with sewing reinforcements all around, manuel chichorro‘s product offers great resistance and durability. to convert the transportation bag into the mandatory safety buoy, the user simply has to roll it up and inflate it. once this is done, the fisherman can use the object to store some supporting material (i.e. a flashligh , extra wire) when heading to the sea. furthermore, the interior of the bag is equipped with waterproof pockets where personal belongings — like a wallet or phone — can be kept dry.

floatbag manuel chichorro designboom
detail 2: the floatbaf is light to carry and made out of resistant materials

floatbag manuel chichorro designboom
floatbag working as a mandatory safety bouy when people head out for spearfishing in the sea



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edited by: lea zeitoun | designboom