german designer manuel immler unveiled pino, a multi-functional kitchen appliance with a straightforward crank drive. simple tools such as a whisk or a grinder can be attached to carry out a wide variety of activities without using electricity. the eco-friendly product fits into the designer’s mantra of ‘ products that change lifestyles and that bring an ecological and social value to people.


background photo by brandon morgan on unsplash

the wooden housing’s neutral wood fits in any kitchen aesthetic. 



immler’s three-stage gear for pino can transform the movement of the hand to over 1000 rpm. egg whites and cream get whipped without problems. even tasks that require greater forces, such as grinding grain or flour, can be carried out with pino.


the final prototype is fully functional and reaches speeds above 1000rpm.



the designer focused on minimizing the short-lived devices people surround themselves with. he believes in creating products that are worth repairing and being maintained for decades rather than disposable gadgets. therefore, a durable device’s look must also withstand the test of time. so its design and choice of materials must be subject as best as possible to timeless aesthetics.


pino performs high speed tasks, like whipping an egg or preparing a dough.



since the core idea of pino is linked to sustainability, the appearance should also express it. the housing is largely made of wood, as the material not only ages gracefully, but is also first and foremost linked to sustainability. this concise use of wood quakes away from the familiar and allows pino to become a statement for sustainable lifestyles.


a lower gear enables tasks which require more force such as grinding coffee.



the materials are to be sourced locally as much as possible. due to their longevity and excellent circulation properties, metals are often used. the base is made of cast iron, the gears of brass and the connecting parts of sheet steel. the housing consists of pressed veneers of regional woods. the materials are to be taken from material cycles and returned to them after the end of the product’s life. the project was completed by immler at the master in eco-social design at the free university of bolzano.


the gear shifter is on top of the device.

manuel immler crafts wooden appliances that run without electricity

the wooden housing is fixed by a few screws an can be replaced if needed.

manuel immler crafts wooden appliances that run without electricity

the prototype was build to find out about the right gear ratios.

manuel immler crafts wooden appliances that run without electricity

the three-speed gear and flywheel create a smooth motion even under heavy load.



product info:


product name: pino

designer: manuel immler



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