marc jacobs’ limited edition designs for diet coke



it has been announced that marc jacobs is diet coke‘s creative director for 2013. partnering with the world’s #1 selling diet soft drink on their campaign ‘sparkling together for 30 years’ – to celebrate their milestone anniversary – he has developed a series of limited edition cans and bottles, each one’s graphics influenced by the rise of female empowerment throughout the decades of the ’80s, ’90s and ’00s, expressed in his signature style.

marc jacobs   creative director of diet coke 2013a young women dressed in a tuxedo and top hat flaunts a coca-cola light can


marc jacobs   creative director of diet coke 2013a woman in a pink and purple evening dress and hand gloves, with a bold red hat adorns another…



marc jacobs   creative director of diet coke 2013the most contemporary of them all is clad in bold graphic stripes



to introduce the collaboration to the public, diet coke has launched a short film ‘marc jacobs’ photo booth break’ in which the designer stars shirtless, paying tribute to the legendary diet coke ‘hunk’ ads from the 1990s.


‘marc jacobs – photo booth break’ teaservideo courtesy of diet coke



marc jacobs   creative director of diet coke 2013marc jacobs appears shirtless as part of the campaign launch – a tribute to the diet coke ‘hunk’ ads of the 1990s



a message from marc on becoming diet coke’s new creative directorvideo courtesy of diet coke

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