‘cocoa’ by marc sadler for danese

marc sadler: cocoa ‘cocoa’ by marc sadler for danese image © designboom

‘cocoa’ by austrian born milan based designer marc sadler is a dynamic seat influenced by the sailing realm. it is composed of a light and resistant ergonomic fiberglass frame mounted on a see plywood structure. the wooden structure consists of three elements appropriately cut so that you can easily make them fit one into the other.

the rotation of the frame on the structure ensures three different but steady, well regulated seat positions. ‘cocoa’ can therefore be used as a seat, chaise lounge or bed. in the upright position, more people can sit and socialize or rest. it is suitable for outdoor spaces, due to the endurance of its material and the conformation of its shape, that makes the water slide away without stagnating.

‘cocoa’ has been created for italian company danese.

marc sadler: cocoa image © designboom

marc sadler: cocoa wooden structure – consists of 3 elements

marc sadler: cocoa

marc sadler: cocoa in the danese store image © designboom