marc venot inflates lumière soufflée for moustache




during maison et objet and paris design week 2015, moustache hosted the ‘favoris #01’ exhibition, inviting international designers to create unique pieces for auction. among these were marc venot who developed two lighting objects which explore the process of inflation and deflation, as a means of providing a magical presence in the house. his ‘lumière soufflée’ works are each outfitted with a fan within their plastic bases, breathing air into the lampshades which are made from a three-layer film of hand-sewn polyethylene foam. they gently rise and seem to float in the air, or quiver, coming to life when they are illuminated. 

marc venot favoris moustache designboom
detail of the plastic base and hand-sewn polyethylene foam lampshade illuminatedmarc venot lumière soufflée designboom
‘lumière soufflée’ by marc venot
marc venot_lumiere soufflee_designboom_004
top view of the hand stitched detailsmarc venot_lumiere soufflee_designboom_005
a fan placed within the plastic base breathes air into the shade, bringing it to lifemarc venot_lumiere soufflee_designboom_006
the french designer’s other ‘lumière soufflée’ features a lampshade with rectangular perforationsmarc venot_lumiere soufflee_designboom_007 marc venot_lumiere soufflee_designboom_008
detail of the cut lampshademarc venot_lumiere soufflee_designboom_009
one of the inflated lamps illuminated


marc venot’s ‘lumière soufflée’ in action
video of marc venot