this year marks the first time collaboration between dutch designer marcel wanders and french furniture manufacturing company xO. wanders designed ‘eden’ and ‘babel’ for the company, two collections which express biblical names.

‘babel’ chair image © designboom

the ‘babel’ chair mixes up conventional ideas of furniture design. the wooden seat finds its place at the centre of a plastic structure. its transparent base has a turned wood appearance evident in the chair’s legs, and the back provides a an almost non-existent lightness to the piece.

marcel wanders for xO ‘babel’ chair

marcel wanders for xO components of the ‘babel’ chair ready for assembly

marcel wanders for xO ‘babel’ chairs and ‘eden’ table

marcel wanders for xO ‘eden’ collection

the ‘eden’ collection uses ceramics to create a decor that refers to ‘alice and wonderland’. the monumental vases, tables and stools are shaped similarly to the pawn pieces of a chess game.

marcel wanders for xO ‘eden’ stools image © designboom

marcel wanders for xO installation view of marcel wander’s ‘babel’ chair and ‘eden’ collection image © designboom

marcel wander’s ‘babel’ chair and ‘eden’ collection were on show at the milan fairgrounds during design week 2010.