a mermaid swims amongst ‘clusterlamp’ joel degermark, ‘lolita lamp’ by nika zupanc and ‘delf blue’ by marcel wanders

during london design week 2011, dutch designer marcel wanders presents his most recent promotion project ‘mermaids’, immersing viewers into the world of moooi, the dutch furniture manufacturing company for which wanders is the founder and art director. the series of photographs enchant you to dive into the underwater world and swim amongst moooi’s designs including ‘raimond’ by raimond puts, ‘miyake’ by arihiro miyake, ‘heracleum’ by bertjan pot and ‘dear ingo’ by ron gilad. on show at the white building – moooi’s london showroom – the gallery space is transformed, as if sunken to the bottom of the ocean.

‘to be submerged into water is to be in a place free from the constraints of gravity, free to explore a multidimensional universe. here, like atlantis, the world of moooi is enveloped in water, fit for discovery. I invite you to join the mermaids in this alternative state of being.’ – marcel wanders

marcel wanders: mermaids floating between ’boutique leather’ by marcel wanders and ’emperor’ by neri & hu

marcel wanders: mermaids swimming between ‘dear ingo’ by ron gilad and ‘raimond’ by raimond puts

marcel wanders: mermaids a mermaid floats between ‘herculeum’ by bertjan pot and ‘miyake’ by arihiro miyake’