‘carbon 451 lamp’

new-york based treluce design studio, headed by marcus tremonto, has created a body of new work, which was on show at object rotterdam 2010.

marcus tremonto ‘carbon 451 lamp’

when originally asked by the apartment gallery owner patrick brillet to design a piece out of carbon fiber, tremonto decided to celebrate the material’s physical properties – strength and lightness. the complexity of curves and required thinness could not be duplicated with any other material (while still maintaining its ability to self-support itself).

marcus tremonto ‘carbon 451 lamp’

marcus tremonto‘vakpak’

derived from a vacuum packed product, each lamp of the series is a double sided light image, 2 to 3mm thick.

marcus tremonto ‘pixel bulb’

marcus tremonto ‘shadow bulb’

marcus tremonto ‘whole light’ all images courtesy of the apartment