‘log radio’ is a log of pinewood with speakers and a radio built into it

maria makowska from poland collaborated with designboom back in 2004. shortly after, in 2005, she founded studio GOGO with piotr stolarski, who she met while studying industrial design at the warsaw academy of fine arts. we are pleased to share some of the projects that makowska has been working on since then, including ‘log radio’ and ‘log clock’.

we’d like to send maria and studio GOGO our support and wish her success with her future design endeavours.



maria makowska of studio GOGO
in order to get your own ‘log radio’, you must saw one of the radio units off the beam of raw pinewood

maria makowska of studio GOGO ‘log clock’ is a log with multiple clocks running along it



maria makowska of studio GOGO

maria makowska of studio GOGO once you have sawn off your clock from the log you can make it your own, using hand-drawn graphics


maria makowska of studio GOGO here maria demonstrates how to get a piece of your own ‘log clock’


more studio GOGO: http://www.gogo.com.pl