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exploring the potential of food and design and the act of eating, dutch designer marije vogelzang‘s ‘mouth water spoon’ is a utensil that is meant for stirring, not eating!

‘I covered the spoon with different layers of silicone (pink) in various textures. in this way it seems as if the spoons are covered with cake batter. I like the possibility of silicone making a very textured surface, playing with this idea. it gives the spoons a less slick appearance.  food itself is seldom slick.‘ – marije vogelzang

marije vogelzang: mouth watering spoon ‘mouth watering spoon’ coated in pink silicone to look like cake batter

every month about 500 companies in the netherlands go bankrupt, but where do all their products go?

for the last several months, dutch design company droog was bidding on liquidation auction items from these companies, ranging from ceramic dish ware and water coolers to handkerchiefs and matches.

droog invited 14 designers to reconsider these items as raw material for some creative intervention. the result was a collection of products entitled ‘saved by droog’, celebrating the re-use potential of leftovers as a valid approach to product design and development. vogelzang’s ‘mouth watering spoons’ were one of the product outcomes of this initiative.

marije vogelzang: mouth watering spoon modeling the ‘mouth watering spoon’

marije vogelzang: mouth watering spoon modeling the ‘mouth watering spoon’

see also ‘happy wallet’ by stefan sagmeister, from the ‘saved by droog’ project.

marije vogelzang: mouth watering spoon

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