marlon darbeau with his ‘peera’ bench / toolbox container

marlon darbeau is a designer working in trinidad and tobago. he recently sent us images of his project ‘peera’, a re-interpretation of a traditional small bench from his home country. the bench is more than just a place to sit though… extending the function of the seat, ‘peera’ is also a cover for a large wooden toolbox-like container, in which you can carry tools / hardware, transport a picnic lunch, or perhaps bottle of wine … the wooden unit can also transform into bench or act as a low table.

‘peera’ is currently on show as part of the global africa project on now at the museum of arts and design, NYC until may 15th, 2011. marlon darbeau: peera the wooden container and ‘peera’ metal bench components put together

marlon darbeau: peera ‘peera’ parts separated – wooden toolbox-like container marlon darbeau: peera metal ‘peera’ bench

marlon darbeau: peera when flipped, the wooden box can also act as a bench or low table marlon darbeau: peera alternate view

marlon darbeau: peera prototyping phase – from cardboard to… photo by damian libert

marlon darbeau: peera drawings by marlon darbeau

marlon darbeau: peera drawings by marlon darbeau