marta bordes revitalizes ceramics with elastic lights series
all images courtesy of marta bordes




a commonplace, everyday ceramic object is rarely exciting. most likely it’s sitting there on the shelf or table, minding its business, perhaps holding a few forgotten pieces of fruit or car keys. it may be heavy, or brittle; something pleasant to point out in a museum or during a tour of a friend’s exquisitely decorated apartment. though, beneath that shallow layer, is an entire world of ceramics, functioning in technological and mechanical systems completely unbeknownst to the majority.

‘elastic lights’




the art and craft of ceramics is bursting with untested ideas. luckily some, like marta bordes’s ‘elastic lights’ series, find their way to reality. aiming to challenge the conventions of traditional pottery, the objects are an articulated system that explores technical properties of materials whilst simultaneously bringing movement into each.

marta bordes elastic lights series designboom




‘elastic lights’ are made of multiple, smooth ceramic pieces and elastic that are able to rotate in order to direct light as needed. simple geometric components, with the addition of brightly colored cord, blatantly reveal their movable construction. playful and engaging, the functional series offers a refreshing experience in the over-familiarized craft.


video by henry albert, courtesy of marta bordes


marta bordes elastic lights series designboom
‘satellite #2’

‘satellite #1’

‘satellite #3’

marta bordes elastic lights series designboom
bright elastic bands provide flexibility to the various pieces 

marta bordes elastic lights series designboom
‘elastic lights’



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