italian designer massimo iosa ghini created ‘lens’ system for iguzzini.

the fluid shape characterizing the new ‘lens’ system houses an innovative technology of microprismatic optics within its absolute linearity. the lens seems to almost vanish into the environment, giving rise to lighting coverage specifically devised for office applications. its different versions – suspended (single or continuous), recessed and surface mounted – are ideally suited for offices and workplaces with VDUs and the system ensures a high visual comfort solution due to the excellent luminance control. the special surface of the screen provides full luminous emission thanks to it’s microprismatic texture. while the light is extraordinarily brilliant and well diffused in the environment, the light source is concealed and produces no glare.

in the suspended version, the up and down light double emission combines effective general lighting with an indirect component; this balances the shadows and contrasts within the environment, therefore achieving greater uniformity.

massimo iosa ghini : lens for iguzzini seen from above

the innovative optical principle benefits from the advantages of the prismatized methacrylate diffuser to maintain excellent luminance control in a clean shape, guaranteeing a wide, diffused up light emission and a visually comfortable down light emission.

the system has been presented at the milan design week 2010.