‘spun chair’

mathias bengtsson

september 13th – november 9th, 2008 hub national centre for craft & design

mathias bengtsson is a danish furniture designer that has practising since the 1990’s. his individual career is traced in this exhibition focusing on architectural proposals, jewellery collections and many examples of his furniture. his well-known ‘slices’ chairs will be on show. the series of chairs feature stacked layers of material which pile up to create forms reminiscent of topological maps. the chair is included in many permanent collections including the MoMA. his ‘spun chair’ weighing only 800 g and made from carbon fibre will also be included. the show’s centre piece is a 36m bench made of modular components, which will be hung from the ceiling of the gallery.

http://www.thehubcentre.info http://www.bengtssondesign.com

mathias bengtsson at hub ‘slices chair’