mathias bengtsson: cellular chair
‘cellular chair’ by mathias bengtsson

composed of light-weight epoxy, ‘cellular chair’ by danish-born, london-based designer mathias bengtsson
not only adopts the appearance of an organic form but is actually designed based on the growth principles of human bones.

the exterior shape of the chair is pre-set, but the interior geometric structure is determined uniquely for each piece
by a computer program designed to simulate the regeneration of bone tissue. given the exterior form as its input,
the program creates the cellular configuration that bone tissue might adopt to create a strong, stable construction.

bengtsson notes, ‘I aim to take my thinking in new directions and to break down established boundaries
between design, craft, and technology by combining unconventional tools in the creation of my works.
everything about our time inspires me, especially technology and its evolution

‘cellular chair’ is part of the ‘mindcraft 11‘ exhibition of danish craft and design, during milan design week 2011.

mathias bengtsson: cellular chair
closer view of the chair’s form

mathias bengtsson: cellular chair
detail view of interior structure