mathieu lehanneur appointed as chief designer of huawei
portrait by justin creedy smith




mathieu lehanneur has been named chief designer of chinese technology giant huawei, reaffirming the global company’s strong strategic positioning in product design. the french creative’s role will see him leading huawei’s aesthetics research center (ARC) in paris. ARC’s purpose is to creatively, aesthetically and strategically stimulate the conglomerate’s engineers and designers as a whole to adapt the group’s vast technological expertise — more than 2000 patent applications per year — towards the progression and aspirations of its users.


lehanneur is one of a handful of design contemporaries who have embraced the multitude of technological, functional and formal fields of activity. his portfolio of work has included innovative objects and architecture that combine design, technology, science and art to achieve all encompassing experiences for their users. he will work together with twenty other designers, bringing coherence to each branch of huawei’s products — from image to object, and from product to shop…


it is huawei’s aim to achieve a unique and symbolic hallmark on an international level. ranked as third in the world for smartphone sales, huawei’s choice of selecting the global capital of luxury for the location of its design and research centre, will see the brand building on french excellence in terms of industrial and artistic creation, specifically in the sector of opulence.


we are experiencing a new turning point in our history. after the industrial and digital revolutions, we are now entering the era of the interpersonal revolution! technology is no longer just between us. it is with us and on us. it simply needs to be shaped,’ says mathieu lehanner.


mathieu lehanneur will continue to pursue his own ventures in parallel to this new position.