mathieu lehanneur forms pink onyx + blown glass S.M.O.K.E lamp for design miami/
all images courtesy of carpenters workshop gallery




evocative of a volcanic eruption, the recent iteration of mathieu lehanneur‘s ‘S.M.O.K.E’ lamp seemingly solidifies a fleeting moment as a deceptively delicate fossilized form. presented by carpenters workshop gallery during design miami/ 2015, the hand-blown glass lighting sculpture — a continuation of his 2009 series — stands atop a solid pink onyx column.


a bubbling dome of transparent blown glass carefully sits on the crown of a tall, pale pink mineral plinth, subtly revealing a slight gradient of illumination once the light has been switched on. the etherial glow cast by the lamp within the glass chamber gives the impression that the bubble is still being blown by the craftsmen, its innards ablaze with a a faint afterglow of a fire. the monolithic pink onyx mass it sits on reveals bands of color and marbled lines, showing the material’s innate characteristics that make each piece completely unique. 


the hand-blown glass lighting sculpture sits atop a solid pink onyx column


detail of the newa solid pink onyx column. S.M.O.K.E lamp presented during design miami/


detail of the solid pink onyx column the glass sculpture sits atop