matt w. moore, who we interviewed last year, has just launched his own furnishings brand — core deco. the first pieces from core deco include ceramic tiles, rugs, pillows a table and a terrarium. all of the designs are made in the USA.




4.25″ x 4.25″ screen-printed 2-part epoxy ink on glazed ceramic tiles



ceramic tiles
three new tri-tone geometric designs in this year’s collection of ceramic tiles. ideal for indoor & outdoor use including shower install, kitchen backsplash, entryway flourish, or simply use as coasters for guest’s drinks. the asymmetry of each tile’s design allows for infinite configurations. rotate each during install for a randomized look, or create your own pattern grid by aligning choice corners.




































rorschach afghans : 2014 collection
new jacquard loom woven afghans, each with it’s own distinct aesthetic. symmetrical on the vertical axis, these quadtone designs are inspired by classic rorschach tests. bold and memorable forms. clean and timeless greyscale. fits two comfortably sunning at the beach, or shawl-ify on a brisk evening.



















hexagon cushions; cubed and matrix




hexagon pillows
unique patchwork hexagonal pillows constructed with three different solid denim tones. each pillow is made up of 18 panels on the front with a single backing. durable and built to last. available individually or as set. hexy & comfy.











diamond table
white oak, mahogany, and black walnut
mortise and tenon construction




diamond table
a captivating optical illusion from any angle. this unique table is constructed with 3 choice hardwoods: white oak, mahogany, and black walnut. mortise and tenon construction. built to last. the combination of masterful woodworking and timeless geometry make this piece stand out and demand a closer look.






diamond table
24″ x 24″ x 24″





pyramid terrarium
white oak, mahogany, black walnut
vented lexan polycarbonate windows




pyramid terrarium
this large terrarium takes indoor gardening to a new level of luxury and splendor. constructed with 3 choice hardwoods: white oak, mahogany, and black walnut. vented lexan polycarbonate windows. solid copper tray will patina and age beautifully over time. top may be rotated slightly to provide ideal humidity levels. forage native plants or bring the tray to a specialist for a more exotic assembly.






pyramid terrarium
24″ x 24″ base / 20″ height




interview with matt w. moore


designboom: please could you tell us briefly about the evolution of your work?
matt w. moore: I work across disciplines and my favorite types of projects are the ones that overlap different techniques, objectives, and aesthetics. I live by the mantra ‘range is conducive to growth.’ 


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