‘fortunata 90’ by matteo ragni image © designboom

‘fortunata’ is the end result of a special partnership between italian company danese and designer matteo ragni on the occasion of campari’s 150th anniversary.  ragni was influenced by the classic little iconic bottle designed by fortunato depero reinterpreting it by taking it apart and putting it back together in shapes that reminded him of futurism.

the translucid effect of the diffuser is made with an innovative varnishing methodology that allows to adjust the material opacity level adding a transparency that does not compromise the performance.

matteo ragni: fortunata for danese and campari ‘fortunata 90’ image © designboom

the inclination of the triangular planes that form fortunata helps the distribution of light emission too. a subtle effect of shadows of the planes coming together from different angles breaks light uniformity on the surface. fortunata appears as a red changing light volume, looking different from each angle.

in the red version realized for campari soda, the light, while going through the diffuser gets slightly coloured and as a consequence it warms up the atmosphere. the luminary comes in different warm and intense colours like amber or more neutral ones like light blue or ice white. it adapts itself to any scenario creating configurations in which the colours are the main interpretation elements.

matteo ragni: fortunata for danese and campari ‘fortunata 90’

matteo ragni: fortunata for danese and campari ‘fortunata’ image © designboom

the manufacturing process is simple (a methacrylate thermoforming) and the qualityproduct is outstanding. it is eco-sustainable: manufactured through a single cycle, recyclable, made of one material only, resistant and long lasting. owing to the use of energy saving sources, it performs well and consumes little.

matteo ragni: fortunata for danese and campari ‘fortunata’