‘flight’ by matthew weatherly

flight’s anthropomorphic and aerodynamic design is recalling the wind turbines of denmark. relying on a tri-base structure, an “l” shaped central column, and the reiteration of tapered maple strips, flight is a light-weight seating solution that is reminiscent of the human spine. the “L” shaped central column comprises of two separate pieces of maple that are joined together using a “finger joint,” and then hand carved to create the elliptical profile. there are a series of dados along the top surface of this member which house each of the tapered slats. each of the seventeen tapered slats are half-lapped with the supplied dado on the “L” shaped central column, and held in place with four dowels. once all of these slats are in positioned, the seat rest becomes very stable. all of the leg parts are oval shaped, and descend in a tapered manner to the floor. these members are attached to the bottom of the chair through a combination of joinery methods including half-lapped connection, dowels, mortise and tenons. the overall design and assembly of parts make this design lightweight and sturdy.

matthew weatherly: flight chairview of back 

matthew weatherly: flight chairfront view