‘thorn coat rack’ by matthew weatherly all images courtesy of matthew weatherly

american designer matthew weatherly has completed ‘thorn’, a coat rack with branch-like hangers protruding from the top to the base. the variety of peg heights make the furniture piece functional for users of all age. for extra storage, the bottom has a slight curve, providing a place for shoes, bags or toys. the racks are fabricated by master craftsmen in missouri, USA, either from  black american walnut or maple wood. ‘thorn’ was created for the sofie lachaert gallery in tielrode, belgium.   

matthew weatherly: thorn coat rackevin moore, a master craftsman from kansas city, missouri, turning the base

matthew weatherly: thorn coat rackthe base nearing completion 

matthew weatherly: thorn coat rack close-up of holes into which pegs are secured 

matthew weatherly: thorn coat rackprocess image