‘pinch’ by matthias pliessnig all images courtesy of matthias pliessnig

philadelphia-based furniture designer matthias pliessnig has sent us images of his furniture piece ‘pinch’, a back-to-back seating object for up to two people. white oak strips are steam bent using a technique similar to boat building, after which they are assembled into tight compound curves. this process allows for the organic form, but also ensures structural stability. each piece is handmade by pliessnig and measures 147 x 79 x 69 cm (58 x 31 x 27 inches). 

matthias pliessnig: pinch the seat’s lowered center offers an area for sitting

matthias pliessnig: pinch

strips of steam bent white oak allow for the organic form 

matthias pliessnig: pinch the fabrication process is similar to boat-building