‘spill’ by matthias pliessnig all images courtesy of matthias pliessnig

philadelphia-based designer matthias pliessnig has completed a recent project entitled ‘spill’. consisting of two pairs of benches made from steam bent white okay, the pieces have both an area for seating with upright support and a wide expanse area for bench seating. ‘spill’ has been installed within the lobby of the alexandria center (situated between the entrance of the building and the entrance of the riverpark restaurant), a new building in new york city. the forms of the four seating areas are influenced by furniture functionality, geometric flow, the human form and the interior space itself.

matthias pliessnig: spill installation view of ‘spill’

matthias pliessnig: spill up close of steam bent white oak form

matthias pliessnig: spill

matthias pliessnig: spill detail